About Us

At TCP123 UK: Dorset we offer a fully qualified, professional and comprehensive at home service to suit your needs. Regardless of the time of day there will be no extra charge for travelling expenses and you can be assured that you will be given a solution for your requirement. At Dorset Computer Solutions we recommend that your system is serviced every six months to maintain full usability and reliability. We can offer an upgrade or repair service to your needs along with an advisory prior to any maintenance or repair work is carried out.
Network Security

Home Network Security is most probably the most overlooked area of any home broadband service. Do you know exactly the type of Network Security is enabled on your network adaptors and broadband router? Is your wireless internet connection secure? Are other people using your broadband internet without your knowing? At Dorset Computer Solutions we offer a full network review and can offer an advisory service on how you can improve your network security.
Internet Security

For those who have access to internet security should be the first and foremost consideration. How secure is your computer when browsing the internet? Do you find yourself inadvertently coming across unwanted content? At Dorset Computer Solutions we can make a full assesment to your requirements and offer solutions to keep a track of any internet searches and offer solutions for a safer browsing environment for the whole family.

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22 Ambrose Close Bradford Abbas